Table of Contents

Introduction and Instructions

1. The Woodwind Family

2. Getting Started

2A. Playing from a Place of Balance

2B. Breathing

2C. Notes and Fingers

2D. Opening Cases and Assembling Instruments

3. The Flute

3A. Getting Started on Flute

3B. First Flute Notes

3C. Flute Equipment

3D. Flute Tone

3E. Flute Technique

3F. Flute Intonation

3G. The Piccolo

3H. Flute History and Listening Examples

3I. Flute Repertoire

3J. Common Flute Mistakes

3K. Flute Fingering Charts and Ranges

3L. Flute Supplemental Studies

4. The Oboe

4A. Getting Started on Oboe

4B. First Oboe Notes

4C. Oboe Equipment and Maintenance

4D. Oboe Equipment: The Reed

4E. Oboe Tone

4F. Oboe Technique

4G. Oboe Intonation

4H. Oboe History and Listening Examples

4I. Oboe Repertoire

4J. Common Oboe Mistakes

4K. Oboe Fingering Charts and Ranges

4L. Oboe Supplemental Studies

5. The Clarinet

5A. Getting Started on Clarinet

5B. First Clarinet Notes

5C. Clarinet Equipment

5D. Clarinet Tone

5E. Clarinet Technique

5F. Clarinet Intonation

5G. The Bass Clarinet

5H. Clarinet History and Listening Examples

5I. Clarinet Repertoire

5J. Common Clarinet Mistakes

5K. Clarinet Fingering Charts and Ranges

5L. Clarinet Supplemental Studies

6. The Bassoon

6A. Getting Started on Bassoon

6B. First Bassoon Notes

6C. Bassoon Equipment

6D. Bassoon Tone

6E. Bassoon Technique

6F. Bassoon Intonation

6G. Bassoon History and Listening Examples

6H. Bassoon Repertoire

6I. Common Bassoon Mistakes

6J. Bassoon Fingering Charts and Ranges

6K. Bassoon Supplemental Studies

7. The Saxophone

7A. Getting Started on Saxophone

7B. First Saxophone Notes

7C. Saxophone Equipment

7D. Saxophone Tone

7E. Saxophone Transposition

7F. Saxophone Technique

7G. Saxophone Intonation

7H. Saxophone Doubling

7I. Saxophone History and Listening Examples

7J. Saxophone Repertoire

7K. Common Saxophone Mistakes

7L. Saxophone Fingering Charts and Ranges

7M. Saxophone Supplemental Studies

8. Director’s Survival Guide

8A. Top Ten Misconceptions about Woodwind Instruments

8B. Braces and Other Impediments

8C. The Daily Warm-Up and Scales

8D. Recruitment, Retention and Switchovers

8E. Woodwind Playing in Ensembles

8F. Transposition

8G. Evaluating and Purchasing Woodwind Instruments

8H. Guidelines for Healthy Use of Arms and Fingers

8I. Vendors and Organizations

8J. Web Links and Apps

9. Professor Resources

10. Acknowledgements and Biographies


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