Redeeming a Code and Using The Web Site

You can order Teaching Woodwinds directly from the Mountain Peak Music web site HERE. When you place your order, a code is automatically generated and sent to you in an email with instructions about how to log on. Simply follow the link in the email and input your code. You will then get a second email to set up your account. Enter your information and choose a user name and password to log in to your account in the future.

Do you have a code to redeem? Click Here to enter your code and set up your account.

To redeem your Teaching Woodwinds code if you already use Teaching Brass, Cross Training for Musicians, or Beyond the Notes and Rhythms, log in to your account with the credentials you set up for your title and click on “add access to another book.” Then you can enter your Teaching Woodwinds code in the box. You will now have access to both Teaching Brass and Teaching Woodwinds in a single, user friendly account.

NOTE: Access codes can only be used once. If your code doesn’t work, it could be because you purchased a used copy and the code has already been used. If this is the case, you will need to purchase a new copy from our website.

Here is an informational video about logging on and using Teaching Woodwinds:

If you purchased your copy of Teaching Woodwinds from a bookstore, your code is located inside the front cover. To redeem your code, follow the same process as above and enter your code manually. Click Here to enter your code and set up your account. Once you have used your code you will no longer need it because you will log on using the credentials you choose when setting up your account.

NOTE: Teaching Woodwinds And Teaching Brass are not for resale because the codes are no longer valid once they are used. You cannot sell these books back to the bookstore.